Piombino Dese | Cornaro’s family venetian villa.

Piombino Dese PD Veneto

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Noble family Corner helped piombino to become an important city, starting in 1422 when George the Elder bought by Gradenigo a considerable capital of land and buildings. Between 1551 and 1553 George Corner built on the plans of Andrea Palladio, the villa we are admiring, and in 1596 Vincenzo Scamozzi erected the barn that still exists extremely modified. In the four pillared hall, in the niches, are placed six statues of famous characters of the Cornaro family, carved by Camillo Mariani. The frescoes painted in 1716, depicting scenes from the Old and New Testaments are made by Mattia Bortoloni and the stucco by Bortolo Cà Bianca.